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Douglass Hills

Reach Alerts

Reach Alerts: Registration Form

Reach Alert is a rapid notification system to disseminate information that is important to the community. It could be anything from garbage pickup changes to matters of urgent importance. Whatever information you need to know, Reach Alert can help. And it is simple and easy to use:

  1. Maybe it’s an emergency like a bad winter storm, a broken water line, or upcoming park events. In any case, Reach Alert is ready to notify everyone.
  2. An administrator sends out an alert.

    Our notification system is set up so administrators can log in and send an alert in under 60 seconds. This means that at any given moment, you’re less than a minute away from notifying everyone on the list.
  3. Our system determines if it needs to grow.

    When an alert is sent, our platform looks at how many messages it needs to send. It can then dynamically allocate new resources on-demand to make sure it can send all the messages in a matter of seconds.
  4. Everybody in your group receives the alert.

    We deliver most alerts in seconds, no matter how large your group is. That means that everyone in your organization can receive a timely message, and all get it at just about the same time.