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Douglass Hills City Permits

Faye Tanner Gazebo Rental

  1. The Faye Tanner gazebo, located in the Warren C. Walker Park, may be reserved by the Douglass Hills residents for $175.00 for a special event. Non-residents may use the gazebo for $225.00. In addition, a $100.00 cleaning deposit will be required, and will be returned upon inspection of the gazebo and no damage has occurred. Two checks made out to “City of Douglass Hills” are required. One for the use of the gazebo and the other for the $100.00 cleaning fee. $100.00 of the cleaning fee is refundable if the gazebo is in good condition. Payment in full must be made 30 days prior to the special event. A refund will be granted due to inclement weather.
  2. The event must take place prior to sunset.
  4. While smoking is not prohibited in the park, it should be discouraged.
  5. The person making the deposit will be responsible for the clean-up. The gazebo should be left in the condition you found it. Trash containers will be provided in the park.
  6. The privacy of surrounding residents should be respected. Unacceptable or rowdy behavior is prohibited.
  7. You may utilize the Crosby School parking lot (if space is available). Absolutely no unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the park at any time. Parking in authorized areas ONLY.
  8. Park perpendicular to the park on Gatehouse Lane (on the easement to the sidewalk) in good weather. In wet weather, do not park on grassy areas.
  9. City-sponsored events will have first priority.
  10. If an emergency arises, please call 502-777-1760.
  11. Adequate supervision must be given to large groups.
  12. Any damage to the park facilities or gazebo is the financial responsibility of the renter.